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New episode: Seen & Unseen Aloud

Listen to a curated selection of recent Seen & Unseen articles. This episode: the moral algorithms of social media; stories of deep friendship, and Dungeons & Dragons' philosophical toolkit.

Nick is the senior editor of Seen & Unseen.

A abstract grid of colourful cubes with arrows, crosses and cubes, viewed from above and at an angle
Champ Panupong Techawongthawon's illustration of artificial intelligence.
Google DeepMind on Unsplash.

This week we are exploring the surprising and different ways we find out about ourselves and the stories we inhabit - Graham Tomlin dives into the moral algorithms of social media; Adrian Urquidez and Neal Presa tell stories of deep friendship and Harry Gibbins unpacks Dungeons & Dragons' philosophical toolkit.

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Seen & Unseen Aloud: new episode

The spiritual Scorsese, Beyoncé's country fight, and sharing discomfort.

Natalie produces and narrates The Seen & Unseen Aloud podcast. She's an Anglican minister and a trained actor.

A persons stands, holding a net curtain aside to gaze out.
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In this week's episode, we are taken on a guided spiritual tour of Martin Scorsese's movies by Sonny Tindall; Krish Kandiah commends Beyoncé's country fight and Katherine Amphlett finds comfort in sharing her discomfort with others.