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Seen & Unseen hosts two podcast series: Re-enchanting and Seen & Unseen Aloud. Find out more about them and how to listen.

The Re-enchanting podcast

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The Re-enchanting podcast sees hosts, Justin Brierley and Belle Tindall, talk with guests about how Christianity can re-enchant culture, politics, the arts, the sciences, history, and so much more.

Despite the increasingly scientific and secular age we live in, many people are still searching for a bigger story to live by. The podcast will feature a mix of guests - both with and without faith - and explore how those who have tired of modern materialism are the ones seeking to 're-enchant' the world. This podcast is about tracing their journey and work.

Series one features conversations with the likes of Tom Holland, Louise Perry, Francis Spufford, Sally Phillips and Marilynne Robinson.  

Hosted by Belle Tindall and Justin Brierley, it's recorded for Seen & Unseen at Lambeth Palace Library, home of the Centre for Cultural Witness.

Seen & Unseen Aloud podcast

Listen to a curated selection of the editor's top picks which caught our interest this week. We also release themed boxsets from time to time.
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