List of all the contributors and authors for Seen & Unseen.

Alastair Gordon is co-founder of Morphē Arts, a painter and art tutor at Leith School of Art.

Benjamin is a DPhil student in the Faculty of History.

J. S. Averill is a writer and children's educator, living in the American Pacific Northwest.

'Sha' serves as the administrator of Indo-Christian Culture, a Twitter account and Medium blog

Adrian Urquidez is founder and owner of Cutman & Co, a barbershop in Solana Beach, California.

Alex Hughes is Archdeacon of Cambridge in the Diocese of Ely. He has written on various topics including philosophical theology, liturgy and ministry.

Alianore Smith is a theologian, communicator and author. She works for a global charity based in London, having previously studied Theology at Durham University.

Alistair Reid is currently studying theology at Oxford University, doing research at the intersection of reformed theology and aesthetics.

Alister McGrath retired as Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University in 2022.

Dr Andrew Davison works at the intersection of theology, science and philosophy.

Andrew Rumsey is the Bishop of Ramsbury. He is also an author whose writing centres on themes of place and local identity.

Andrew Steane has been Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford since 2002 and a Visiting Professor at various institutes.

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Anthony Baker is a theology professor at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas.

Anthony Reddie is a British theologian and academic, who specialises in blac

Anush Petrosyan is a writer now based in Armenia. She is originally from Nagorno-Karabakh.

Dr Austin Stevenson is a philosophical theologian who works at the intersection of philosophy, religion, and culture.

Barnabas Aspray is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Beatrice Scudeler writes on literature, religion, the arts, and the family.

Belle Tindall is the Reporter at the Centre for Cultural Witness, writing for Seen and Unseen.