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Jessica Oyelowo: re-enchanting Hollywood and motherhood

A creative force of nature: Jessica talks with Belle and Justin about what dreaming big dreams looks like when faith is involved.

Nick is the senior editor of Seen & Unseen.

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Jessica Oyelowo is a creative force of nature: an actor, TV and film producer, singer, and song-writer. Jessica has brought her art to both the stage and the screen. Living in Los Angeles with her husband, David, and their four children, much of Jessica’s latest work highlights how her faith, her dreams, her convictions, and her roles tend to collide. In particular, her latest album '(M)other' empowers, honours and champions mothers. Belle and Justin speak to Jessica about Hollywood, motherhood, and what dreaming big dreams looks like when faith is involved.

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Seen & Unseen Aloud: new episode

The spiritual Scorsese, Beyoncé's country fight, and sharing discomfort.

Natalie produces and narrates The Seen & Unseen Aloud podcast. She's an Anglican minister and a trained actor.

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In this week's episode, we are taken on a guided spiritual tour of Martin Scorsese's movies by Sonny Tindall; Krish Kandiah commends Beyoncé's country fight and Katherine Amphlett finds comfort in sharing her discomfort with others.