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Seen & Unseen Aloud: new episode

Life is messy, making a home in Blackpool and the art of pilgrimage.

Natalie produces and narrates The Seen & Unseen Aloud podcast. She's an Anglican minister and a trained actor.

A country lane runs down a gentle hill between green and yellow fields under a cloud dappled sky.
The fields of Hertfordshire
Graeme Holdsworth.

This week we turn with Emerson Csorba to American politics - and James Baker in particular - to explore the messiness of life; we travel with John Clifton to Blackpool to find out how to make a place a home and Graeme Holdsworth asks what makes a journey into a pilgrimage?

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Rasool Berry: Re-enchanting New York City

Belle and Justin talk to Rasool about the city, millennials and Gen Z.

Nick is the senior editor of Seen & Unseen.

A man wearing white earphones talks to a camera and gestures with one hand.

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Rasool Berry serves as teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York. He hosts the Where Ya From? podcast and is the writer, producer and host of the Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom feature-length documentary.

Justin and Belle speak to Rasool about Re-enchanting… the city, millennials and Gen Z.

Find out more about Rasool, visit his web site.

There’s more to life than the world we can see. Re-Enchanting is a podcast from Seen & Unseen recorded at Lambeth Palace Library, the home of the Centre for Cultural Witness. Justin Brierley and Belle Tindall engage faith and spirituality with leading figures in science, history, politics, art and education. Can our culture be re-enchanted by the vision of Christianity?